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Make Your Home Your Haven

1 Treat yourself to candles in different areas in your home and light them to    
    create a warm ambience.
2 Free up a space in your home by giving away a piece of furniture or an    
    accessory you do not like. Never throw it away if it is in good condition, 
    somebody else might need it. Having an empty table or wall space for a while 
    will allow you to find a new piece that you would absolutely love and enjoy   
    every time you would walk through that space.
3 Keep your home clutter free - it is calming. You have to leave some breathing       room.  Emptiness allows the eye to travel someplace else and rest.
4 Let the daylight come-in through your house windows as much as possible.  
Remodel you kitchen or master bath and get at least 70% return when you sell       your home.  
When a client is ready to do a remodel in their home, a designer will help      
    keep close reins on a project so that everything is coordinated and to           
    make sure the project runs smoothly.
7  When painting a room, do not paint the ceiling white. When using a light    
    color on the walls, that same color could be applied on the ceiling,  When   
    using a darker color on the walls, then a contrast color could be applied in   
    the ceiling.    
8  Add a mirror to a room to double the light. 

​Lighting Tips
1  Bright light is important in the bathroom. You need to be able to see your face 
    clearly for makeup, shaving and brushing teeth.
2 In your kitchen, you need good task lighting. Having recessed for general 
   lighting and also under-cabinet lighting. Under-cabinet lighting has the purpose 
   of becoming a night light until your are ready to go to bed.
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